What Is the Best Drug Regulation System?

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What is the best drug regulation system?

11 Theses
  • Prohibit consumption of all drugs including alcohol and nicotine.

  • Pursue a 'war on drugs' with harsh policies for both the consumption and trade of drugs (not including alcohol).

  • Allow the use of drugs for medicinal purposes. Illegal consumption and trade is punished while still offering treatment for users, as seen in India.

  • Decriminalise the personal consumption of drugs, while strongly punishing the illegal trade of all drugs (such as in the Netherlands or Portugal).

  • Legalise cannabis use while decriminalising the use of other drugs, as in Uruguay.

  • Legalise all drugs, requiring each purchase to be accompanied by a test to ensure the consent and health of the consumer.

  • Abolish all laws and regulations on any narcotic drug. Treat people as responsible beings.

  • Decriminalisation of production, trade, and consumption of all drugs, while introducing high taxes.

  • Legalise drug use and manufacture imposing significant taxes on sales which is fed directly into recovery and rehabilitation services and public education. All users are subject to the full consequences of their action (or non-action in the case of marijuana users hehe) while affected.

  • A consistent evidence based approach, legalising all non harmful non addictive drugs, and criminalising the rest. (Potentially legalising consuming cannabis, but banning smoking tobacco)

  • Legalise all drugs and regulate each drug according to its unique risks and benefits. Regulation should keep a balance between the interests of the consumer and the safety of the consumer in the same way as regulation of medicines, electricity, gas, transport, sports, fire and any other source of risk with benefit.