Who should provide healthcare: the government or the market?

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Health care should be voluntary and market provided, not mandatory, nor provided or regulated by government.

  • Markets have shown that they are better at keeping costs down than government programs.

  • Markets have shown that they can provide more options than government-run health care systems.

  • Markets are better at encouraging innovation. Government has little incentive to innovate.

  • If healthcare is provided for by the market the government can reduce the tax burden.

  • Using force to implement a mandatory healthcare model is unjust and unethical.

  • Government-mandated social healthcare tends to collapse over time due to costs or resource scarcity.

  • Patients and doctors should make healthcare decisions, not government agencies or government-regulated insurance companies.

  • Socialized healthcare wait times are usually far longer than market-provided healthcare wait times.

  • Government policies should be regulative in nature towards public health; while they be coherent, comprehensive and contemporary.

  • Private healthcare no government has no hold over you. They can't use healthcare as a political lever.

  • It's immoral to allow others to suffer if they have chosen not to purchase healthcare coverage in advance and have a need, so healthcare coverage must be mandatory.

  • It is unethical to derive profit from life-sustaining healthcare services.

  • Government control of healthcare can ensure higher quality or consistence of access and application.

  • Many citizens believe it is the appropriate role of government to provide the basic needs for their citizens, including healthcare.

  • Only the government can allocate scarce health care resources in a way that is most effective for a nation.

  • Experience has shown that healthcare is better and cheaper when provided by the government (e.g. Australia, Canada, Singapore, UK) than when provided for profit (e.g. America).